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Picture: Moscow’s new metro stations won’t be as elegant as Arbatskaya shown above – however they will relieve the city centre.
26.04.2012 Russia News

Moscow to build second Metro-Circle line – cost 22 billion Euro

Moscow. Mayor Sergei Sobyanin confirmed his ambitious expansion plan for the Moscow Metro: By 2020, a second Circle line will help to relieve the city’s traffic situation. The costs are enormous.

Viktor Makushyn
26.04.2012 Business

Interview with Russian Billionair Viktor Makushin

Limassol/Moscow. The case on extraditing Viktor Makushyn from Cyprus was placed on the agenda again under dictation from the Russian party. At the moment, the oppositional politician’s future depends on the resolution of the government of the Republic of Cyprus.

Aluminium king Deripaska talks out of school about the wild 90s in Russia. (Picture: Russia Today)
23.04.2012 Russia News

Deripaska admits criminal behaviour of the 90s

London. Ahead of another spectacular court case in London, the aluminium czar Deripaska talks out of school: Yes, he had paid protection money to criminals. He had hated it but there was no other way.

Picture: Vladimir Putin addressed the State Duma for the last time as Prime Minister.
13.04.2012 Russia News

Duma-speech: Putin promises a road map to all questions

Moscow. Vladimir Putin presented the Duma with his last annual report as Prime Minister. In May he will be outlining road maps for the most important development projects that Russia will have to deal with.

Picture: Everything for the table, the Naryshkin family silver has been discovered in its entirety.
29.03.2012 Russia News

40 Sacks of silver: Treasure discovery in St Petersburg palace

St Petersburg. Construction workers doing restoration work discovered the in 1917 hidden treasure of the Naryshkin family: they found in a secret chamber thousands of pieces of cutlery and crockery.

A Datsun made in Russia will not look as sporty as this 260 Z – but they want to profit from the former glory of the brand.
20.03.2012 Russia News

Revival: Datsun to become a Russian brand

Togliatti. The car manufacturer Renault-Nissan wants to bring back Datsun, a car brand that was lost 25 years ago. From 2014, under this label, cheap cars are to be built and this also at AvtoVaz in Russia.

Picture: It is relatively easy to discover money in suitcases. However it gets more complicated when black money is shifted as non-cash.
16.03.2012 Russia News

Big Brother is on the chase for black money: Banks are being raided

Moscow. The Moscow police raided four banks with a large scale raid and uncovered a network of black money shifters who were on the verge of moving two billion rubels (50 million Euros) abroad.

Picture: In future taking a photo can get quite expensive: The escalator of a metro station in St Petersburg.
12.03.2012 Russia News

St. Petersburg: Law on homosexuality and ban on photos in the Metro

St. Petersburg. Governor Poltavchenko signed the controversial law punishing the “propaganda” for homosexual love. At the same time taking photographs in the metro have been prohibited.

Picture: Many of Putin’s harshest critics believe that he would have been elected on the first ballot – but not with 63.6 percent.
08.03.2012 Russia News

Vladimir Putin is officially declared as election winner

Moscow. Today the official “Rossijskaja Gazeta” published the decree of the Central Election Commission on the outcome of the Presidential election. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is therefore officially the newly elected President.

Putin will be allowed to point Russia’s way: His victory seems certain at first attempt.
23.02.2012 Russia News

Pollsters predict significant victory for Putin

Moscow. Ten days prior to the presidential elections the two leading public opinion research companies agree: Vladimir Putin will win in the first ballot with a majority of well over 50 percent.


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